Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust

Improving the UX of the Camden & Islington intranet

Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust provide services for adults of working age, adults with learning difficulties and older people in the London area. They also provide substance misuse and psychological therapies services. They were looking for a major redesign and upgrade to their existing intranet website that would be responsive for mobile devices and make information easier to find including improved content sections for health professionals.

New C&I Intranet

Conducting user research with surveys and data analysis

We carried out surveys with employees and analysis of the data to work out what processes staff members were most likely to carry out using the intranet. We discovered that a better search engine was the number one request for the service. Others requests highlighted were:

  • Better navigation
  • Better typography and page layout
  • Divisions' organisation charts and overall better information hierarchy
  • Unique URLs
  • Improved look & feel

The underlying theme was that a complete redesign and system upgrade was needed and people were looking forward to a better user experience.

Card sorting workshop to produce the new information architecture

A complete new Information Architecture was key to support the need for better search. We employed card sorting as an initial exercise to gain a deeper understanding on the information seeking needs of the C&I intranet users.

We involved 5 groups of intranet users who sorted cards into groups that made the most sense to them. These cards represented content areas of the old intranet that were buried various levels down in the information hierarchy. We also carried out a prioritisation exercise to identify the most important tasks so they could be represented as components in the homepage.

Card sorting with users

Prototyping and user testing

We the information gathered through the research phase we started wireframing solutions that were linked together into a interactive prototype to recreate the key areas of the site. We used this prototype to communicate design decisions with stakeholders and test it with intranet users.

The usability testing session was carried in a single day with five users running through a prepared testing script to find out whether the new design solution was allowing them to complete key tasks more easily. The results were overall positive and also helped us identify a few areas that could be improved even further.

First impressions

The results

Visual design was then executed - following the prototype to produce the refreshed look & feel that users were after. Digirati’s development team continued with the system architecture and build, focusing on better search capabilities, open source CMS implementation and single sign-on amongst other technical requirements. The UX team continued to support them beyond the initial discovery work.


New responsive design